What are the laws regarding physician dispensing?

With proper credentialing and compliance with state-by-state requirements, physician dispensing is legal in 45 of 50 states. The following states carry certain restrictions: Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Montana and Utah. Your state medical board will help guide you in the right direction.

What is the potential revenue I can add to my practice?

Profitability will be determined by the volume a practice might do. An estimate would be $50,000 to over $100,000 depending on the size and type of the practice and the number of prescriptions that are written.

Is there special licensing required to dispense in an office setting?

A DEA license and State Medical license are required along with Dispensing Practitioner credentialing from the state regulatory board. We offer a credentialing program and will complete all the necessary dispensing licensing and credentialing documents required for you to dispense.

How is insurance billed? Can I process a patient’s medication using their prescription plan?

Yes, our software has the ability to adjudicate online with instant results. We hold contracts with hundreds of third parties, making the dispensing process fast and easy!

How do I determine what to charge my patients for the prescriptions we dispense?

If the patient has their insurance card with prescription benefit listed, it is recommended that you collect their normal co-payment. If they are a cash paying patient, your practice will have the flexibility to charge patients based on the cost of the medication. Our team will work with your practice to determine how to expand your revenue.

How will I receive reimbursements from the claims?

Our program offers complete electronic delivery of third party payment and reconciliation and paper claims will be eliminated. The funds will be sent to you in one monthly check every 30 days.

Will dispensing be time consuming for my staff?

It takes less than 5 minutes to dispense a medication in-office to a patient. Claims are adjudicated in less than 30 seconds with our online dispensing software from a database that stores all your patient data in a HIPPA compliant format. An in-office dispensing program actually saves time while increasing profitability.

Who will do the training and who is normally in charge of dispensing in a practice? Will I need to hire additional staff?

We will do initial training via an online screen share and your team will be able to dispense products under the supervision of a licensed dispensing physician. The profit from this type of program will outweigh any additional addition time spent or staff you may need to hire.